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 August 30, 2016  

Microsoft Data Mining Books

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SQL Server 2000 DM
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Frequently asked questions about SQL Server 2000 Data Mining

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DMX Query Samples

This download contains several examples of DMX statements for creating, training and querying SQL Server Data Mining models.

DMSample DMX Query Tool

This includes the executable and source code for DMSample, a simple graphical tool for sending DMX queries to Analysis Services and displaying hierarchical results.

Data Mining Resource Kit

This kit include three ActiveX controls developed by ANGOSS Software that are free for development and distribution. There is a decision tree viewer for visualizing a decision tree, a segment viewer for visualizing a cluster model and a lift chart for showing the accuracy of predictive models.

Preparing and Mining Data with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services

This book describes how to apply data mining to a real-world situation using SQL, Analysis Services and VB. It takes a real-world dataset and shows you how to: clean and prepare it for data mining; explore the data and build mining models; and compare them to choose the best fit for a given problem.

Duwamish Books Business Intelligence Sample

MSDN takes the popular Duwamish Books bookstore sample and adds cross sell using Microsoft Decision Trees.

ComputerFleet Case Study

A closed-loop SQL Server 2000 Data Mining deployment done by Angry Koala and Microsoft Consulting Services


Data file used by SQL Server Data Mining samples

Article: Unearthing Patterns (SQL Server Magazine)

An article by Gregory B. Meyer and Christine Mato in the January 2003 issue of SQL Server Magazine describing a geological application of data warehousing and data mining with SQL Server 2000.

TechEd 2003 DM MovieClerk App and Web

Sample code for the point-of-sale MovieClerk VB.Net application that was demo'd at Microsoft's TechEd 2003 developer conference.

Cluster Viewer Analysis Mgr AddIn.exe

A 3-D viewer for models built using the Microsoft_Clustering algorithm in Analysis Services 2000. Source code is included.

Analysis Mgr AddIn For Advanced Model Parameters.exe

Use this Analysis Manager AddIn to easily edit the advanced parameters for SQL Server 2000 mining models. Source code is included.

A sample XML for Analysis (1.1)web application for SQL Server Data Mining.

Excel Data Mining Add-Ins.exe

A collection of Excel Add-Ins that allow you to employ data mining techniques on your spreadsheet data.

Reporting Services using Data

This download shows you how to use SQL Server Reporting Services to quickly disseminate the results of your data mining efforts.

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