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 August 28, 2016  

Microsoft Data Mining Books

Accompanying download for tip on using REPLACE_MODEL_CASES
Accompanying download for "Programmatically generating prediction queries for nested tables" tip

Forecasting sample application that allows you to explore Time Series enhancements in SQL Server 2008
Accompanying download for "Create a server data source from DMX" tip.

Stored procedure code for "How much training data is enough?" tip

Wisconsin Breast Cancer Dataset

Excel 2007 format version of the WBCD data set useful for exercising the Data Mining Addins for Office 2007

Plug-in Algorithms Sample (post-Release fixes)

Contains an updated version of the plug-in algorithms sample, with fixes for some issues detected after release.

Lack Of Fit Stored Proc and Sample App

Code and supporting files for Lack of Fit stored procedure and sample application

Create Datasource Template

XMLA template to create a datasource object.

Chapter 16 code from Data Mining with SQL Server 2005

Excel Add-in and sample file from the Advanced Forecasting with Microsoft Excel from Data Mining with SQL Server 2005

"Art of Clustering" source code

This includes the source code and installation instructions for the "Art of Clustering" live sample

2 Dimensional Cluster Test.xls

This spreadsheet performs clustering on a set of ellipses you specify.

This file contains the DMPredict Excel demo presented at TechEd, PDC and PASS conferences, along with a September CTP backup containing the models referenced.

This sample demonstrates how to embed the data mining viewers.

Sample Plug-In Viewer

This sample plug-in viewer allows you to easily navigate the content rowset of any data mining model. Source code is included.

This sample contains the source code and PMML model for the live Data Validation application on this site.

This download contains the data for the movie applications on this site, along with a sample Analysis Services project containing some models.

DMX Query Samples

This download contains several examples of DMX statements for creating, training and querying SQL Server Data Mining models.

DMSample DMX Query Tool

This includes the executable and source code for DMSample, a simple graphical tool for sending DMX queries to Analysis Services and displaying hierarchical results.


This C# code sample shows you how to programmatically create SQL Server 2005 Data Mining objects using AMO.


This file contains helper classes to be used in plug-in algorithms. These helper classes can be used to wrap a DM_STATE_VALUE or a DM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE objects, sent by the server as part of a case during algorithm training and expected as a prediction

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